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Today is the 4th/st/nd/rd/. The SUPER UPDATE has begun.
Welcome to the Bionicle Set Reviews Wiki

The Bionicle Set Reviews Wiki is designed for the purpose of member's reviews. There will be one official review per set, and all other member reviews chaing to it. But yes, enjoy your stay at a newly created site. At the moment there are no pages, but as we grow the wiki will expand and before you know it, a large wiki will be built. (Not quite as large as BS01, but you get the point)
Please don't be a loser and complain about this website, because it's still developing, ok?
Mangekyou Itachi 23:28, October 14, 2008 (UTC)

Notice on Spoilers
Please know that BSRS doesn't want any spoilers of 2009 pictures other than the 2009 Support Templates we made.

Avohkiirise.png Click here to see the Recent Changes Atom.

Looking to be a tutor and template editor of the site? The type of member your looking forward to is right here. Please drop a comment here on Mangekyou Itachi's talk or PM him on BZPower.

The Weekly Tablet: January 5 - 12 2008

Just to let you know BSRS has started slightly on the SUPER UPDATE as seen in the Site Announcements. Our first update is with new 2009 BIONICLE Artist Pop Mhan's Final Battle Artwork, and we are emphasizing Takanuva yet again. Good luck Pop Mhan on your new job!

In some places, the first Glatorian comic, The Sands of Bara Magna, drawn by our new artist Pop Mhan, has been released. Once scans are up, you will like it. Mangekyou Itachi is planning on putting it up for BZPower if someone hasn't done it yet.
Job openings are up! We need 3-5 for our Review Team and 1-2 more Site Mentors/Assistants. If you'd like to do a fan review, just follow what the review template asks you!

BZPower, "the biggest Bionicle fan forum" - recommended for BIONICLE discussion.

BionicleSector01 - a "large BIONICLE wiki for committed fans".

Pop - the blog of BIONICLE's 2009 comic artist, Pop Mhan.

Leigh Gallagher's Blogspot - the blog of the former BIONICLE artist, Leigh Gallagher.

Featured Review

Our sixth featured article for now is Gali Mistika, which Icerakx reviewed.
Enjoy it!

Notice on the Weekly Tablet
The rest of the tablet will not be up until the site is fully developed.
Till then!



Our latest set review is Gali Mistika. Read it! Our latest game review, however, is the Toa Mata Builder game. Read it before you play it!

Whenua Hordika, Tanma, the Av-Matoran, Vican the Shadow Matoran and the Toa Ignika review are now up. Enjoy it!
You might want to read these.

We also have the coding for you to create your own notice template for your page. Check it out here.
Forwarding that, I will be coming up with a User Template that describes you.

Looking for pre-made templates? Check them out by clicking here!