10 Tricks To Improving Your Sites Conversion Ratio

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According to the so-called specialists, a decent conversion ratio is right around one percent. Simply puts, one out of every one hundred visitors to your web site converts to a sale.

Personally, I think you must ignore what the experts say , and make every effort to attain as high a conversion ratio as possible. You ought to never ever be satisfied . You should always be looking for ways to improve your conversion ratio. My website consistently converts anywhere from 3 to 5 percent, and typically converts as high as ten percent !

Unless you 're selling a big-ticket product and making â ¤ 200 or more per sale, it's incredibly hard to make any real money with only a one percent conversion ratio.

Of course, there are exceptions to every rule, and if your website is attracting hundreds and even thousands of visitors a day, then obviously you can do quite well with a one percent or lower conversion ratio.

However what if you don't have that kind of traffic - and most websites don't. Exactly what? What if you 're offering a â ¤ 20 e-book and you 're just attracting a hundred visitors a day to your website ? With a one percent conversion ratio, that means your website is making a measly â ¤ 20 a day. And believe me, that am much more common than you realize.

However, what if you could improve your conversion ratio to 3 percent, 5 percent, All of a sudden; you 're making â ¤ 60 to â ¤ 100 a day with the same amount of traffic. Improve your conversion ratio to ten percent and viola, that â ¤ 100 a day turns into â ¤ 200 a day !

So, how do you go about improving your website's conversion ratio ? Here are some tips that should help:

Make sure your visitors know exactly what you do, the instant they land on your web site. Don't make them have to think.

Make sure the design of your website is up to par, Make it easy to navigate. Get rid of distracting flash or stupid, meaningless graphics that are a waste of everybody's time and take forever to load, Simplify your website. Eliminate the flash, graphics and pop-ups !

The colour blue suggests quality, dependability, success, seriousness , peace - the ideal option for sales pages. Prevent purple, which connotes unpredictability and ambiguity , and only use yellow to highlight vital words and expressions. This makes for a much cleaner looking, easier to check out site. Find more in the video - clickpress.

Get your own domain name. URL's that contain names like, " Geocities ", " Angelfire " or " Tripod " have amateur written all over them.

Prove what you say. Back up your claims with cold, hard , indisputable and verifiable realities

Put your name, telephone number and street address on your website

Use genuine customer testimonials, complete with very first and last names. Simply make certain you get your customers approval first.

Offer a affordable and fair money-back guarantee. Thirty days is good. Sixty or ninety days are better !

Make it simple for your customers to pay. I can assure you, if you 're using PayPal only , you 're losing sales. It's too much of a trouble! Find more in my video - clickpress review.

And last however not least, make sure you have a effective sales letter. A reliable and strong sales letter can blast your earnings into the upper stratosphere !

If you aren't efficient in composing that type of sales letter yourself, employ a copywriting specialist to compose it for you.