4 states referendum will help in deciding BJP next year Lok Sabha poll Agenda - Grewal

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Sadulshahar ( Rajasthan ) 28 November 2013 National Secretary BJP Kisan Morcha and Parbhari Himachal Pradesh Sukhminderpal Singh Grewal said the charging Congress with corruption and non-performance BJP Leader said there was a severe anti Congress wave, in the country and asserted that it would win in four poll bound states including Rajasthan. After a public meeting talking with the media persons here today, Grewal said our party BJP would return to power in Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh as people had accepted incumbent chief ministers Raman Singh and Shivraj Singh Chouhan as their most trusted and creditable leaders. He said that in Rajasthan and Delhi, BJP would have comfortable majority to form the new governments after December 8 results. He said that 4 states referendum will help in deciding BJP next year Lok Sabha poll agenda and BJP prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi support will grow tremendously. Grewal claimed that the anti Congress wave was a national trend, he said that the Centre mismanagement of economy leading to inflation and price rise of essential commodities, corruption cases like 2G, CWG, coal, and lapses in internal security were seriously affecting the common man who found the Congress leadership indecisive, incompetent and non-inspirational. Grewal said that in Rajasthan BJP, CM candidate Vasundhara Raje dynamic and inspirational leadership as opposed to Gehlot Government all round failure and moral downfall of its ministers in alleged rape cases would help his party come to power in the state. On distribution of anonymous posters, CDs and booklets against BJP Party Leader Vasundhara Raje, Grewal said that it was opposition Congress desperate and dirty tactics to tarnish the image of our dynamic and inspirational leader of BJP. Grewal said that BJP is likely to make a comeback in Rajasthan by winning 105 of the total 200 seats, said a survey on last week. He said that according to the survey, 50 percent of the respondents felt the Congress government led by Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot should not get another chance. Grewal said that BJP is likely to get a vote share of 37 percent while the ruling Congress will get 75 seats with a vote share of 33 percent, said the survey. He said that BJP is likely to get 24 seats in Mewar as compared to 9 seats in 2008 assembly polls, while the Congress is likely to get around 10 seats as compared to 24 seats in 2008.