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Kraa-Matoran (Unofficial name for Shadow Matoran)
Set Number 8952
Weapons/Tools Claws
Availability Status April 2008; Available
Pronunciation Vee-kan
Reviewer Icerakx Crenod, Knight of the Ice

Vican, ex-mindless servant of Mutran, now that Vican has some freedom because his master is dead and he returned to the life of Le-Matoran, let's see IF he is a worth set (Well, of course, he comes with his master in set XD)

Set Overview

SET!!!! To put it simple, nice playing, niceeeeee limegreen, and veerry cute =3

Set Presentation

Vican's box, is really big, duh, he comes with Mutran :P, on the back, shows the Phantoka, along with the rest of the Av/Shadow Matoran series of 2008, and shows the functions of Vican "riding" Mutran, is quite unique. BUT, the most interesting piece, is that the box have in it, a cardboard where it's shows Vican flying and the Expectacular design of Karda Nui, it's looks like if it's on 3D, like the 2008 Exo-Force sets.

Building the set

Two Words: Very
Easy, just that, nothing epic, just the normal Av/Kraa-Matoran design.

Set Design

Vican is amazing, and his articulation perfect. You could bend him in any direction. His arms and legs are already bent for your inconvenience or convenience. You'll see he has two clawed feets in form of Onua Mata's Claws, and his Wings are expectacular. He also has Nuparu Inika Claws.




Vican has...One...Two...Three... Nine points of articulation. That's great, since he has 9/21 pieces he can actually move. You could just imagine his wings flying into the air to get place to place. But if Vican's your only set, that's slightly ok. He is more fun to play with when you've got more than one set set around. When I got him, I made him clash in with Gavla (Yeah, Strange).

Final Thoughts/Overall

With Vican you can put a lot of imagination into him. His mask is genuine, and it closely resembles Chirox/Mutran's. Vican can bring up new memories, and I hope he's a set I won't lose.

Rating: 9.5/10. I'd really recommend this to someone else.

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