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/* The Weekly Tablet: January 5 - 12 2008 */
Just to let you know BSRS has started slightly on the SUPER UPDATE as seen in the Site Announcements. Our first update is with new 2009 BIONICLE Artist Pop Mhan's Final Battle Artwork, and we are emphasizing Takanuva yet again. [ Good luck Pop Mhan on your new job!]
:If you want to see Pop Mhan's artworkIn some places, the first Glatorian comic, check out his site or [[User:Mangekyou_Itachi/Sandbox/The_Final_Battle|Mangekyou Itachi's Sandbox's '''''The Final BattleSands of Bara Magna''''']] and see , drawn by our new artist Pop Mhan, has been released. Once scans are up, you will like it. Mangekyou Itachi is planning on putting it up for BZPower if someone hasn's artwork while listening to the fan-made instrumental of ''The Rising'' narrativet done it yet. ::Just Job openings are up! We need 3-5 for our Review Team and 1-2 more Site Mentors/Assistants. If you'd like to let you BIONICLE fans knowdo a fan review, just follow what the final video of the Glatorians will be launched Monday, December 15. This is our very first Glatorian Teaser. review template asks you!
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