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BSRS Moderator
Powers Ability to edit user rights; Not able to be affected by rate limits along with all user rights.
Staff Bureaucrats Mangekyou Itachi, Icerakx Crenod, Knight of the Ice and Lhilertoro.
Recruit Availability Unlikely
Pronunciation Beer-ro-cratt
Staff Group Review Team or Moderator, or both

A bureaucrat is what BSRS considers to be an Official Reviewer or Moderator. Depending on how Mangekyou Itachi views them, they can be both, in which case, they all are. Right now there are two main bureaucrats: Icerakx Crenod, Knight of the Ice and Lhilertoro. However, our nice administrator Mangekyou Itachi is also one two, but is also a member of the Sysops Administration. Only when necessary are Bureacrats allowed to make themselves Sysops members, such as the need to block or protect pages.